There' no R.I.P at E-Lich Corp! Explore the afterlife in this roguelite bullet heaven that is all about humor, insane power-levels, replayability and awful office jokes. Reap souls along your undead coworkers in a company that values your life. And death. Literally.


JohnnyR Designs was founded with the purpose of creating memorable experiences through entertaining and innovative games. From the projects we've worked on to the ones we've created — such as E-Lich: Corporate Souls — our vision has always been consistent: to bring joy to players worldwide.

E-Lich: Corporate Souls is a roguelite bullet heaven game set in an esoteric environment that blends dungeon and office elements. The game is currently in development and will be available on Steam via Early Access by Q3 2024.

This game represents my proudest achievement, as well as my first-ever self-funded project. Through it, I not only had the pleasure of developing a game I love but also had the opportunity to assemble a dream team. Without their contributions, this project would never have been possible.

Over the past approximately two years, I've worn many different hats, such as Game Designer and Producer, but mainly I was the Game's Director / Creative Director.

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E-Lich: Corporate Souls - Alpha Trailer YouTube



Team & Repeating Collaborator

João Gabriel Rodrigues
Creative Director & Producer
Bruno Serrate
Tech Lead & Developer
Leo Sanches
Art Director
Casemiro Azevedo
Sound Designer & Composer
Gabriel Ferreira
Marketing & Community Manager